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After years of making things, painting, and drawing, an MA in clinical psychology, and several overlapping careers, I have been able to claim full time artist as my vocation for the past two decades. I work on a small scale.
Small objects in nature, images and those human-made delight me. They have an inherent intricacy, mystery, and charm. A childhood rich in make-believe informs my work. I paint small still life paintings and create assemblage/dioramas inhabited by papier mache figures in imaginary worlds. Sometimes I combine the two.

I am represented by John Derian in New York and Watson Kennedy in Seattle. Most recently my work has been acquired by the Blue Raven Gallery in Rockland, Maine. The boxes and paintings can be found in the Sundance Catalog, and at Folly in Arlington Court in Santa Barbara, CA. My pieces are in collections across the country and internationally. My work is also included in the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission Berkus Collection.

I have the good fortune to share studio space at Green House Studios in the Funk Zone, Santa Barbara with Erika Carter and Liz Brady.

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